RINA™-M14 aims to provide a fast and efficient solution to your nucleic acid extraction needs.

Molecular biology is one of the fastest growing fields in the world and nucleic acid preparation needs are proven to be crucial for laboratories. With the growing automation technologies and robotic systems, these needs can be eliminated in a much more efficient and accelerated way. Our aim is to improve the technology and make it reachable for all molocular biologists.

RINA™-M14 is an automated, nucleic acid isolation system designed for use in sample preparation in laboratories. Due to the structure of its cartridge kit, it eliminates the need to collect samples and it can be used even if there's only one sample. It provides a fast solution due to its 14 parallel pipettes as well as minimizing the risk of contamination. Compatible RINA™ isolation kits are developed for multiple sample types and put into service for our customers.






Maximum Sample Amount14
Isolation TechnologySilica magnetic beads
Liquid Handling14 independent pipettes
Pipette Tip TypesClear filtered tips
Size (mm)450Wx550Hx600D
Weight (kg)30
Rated Power200VAC 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature (C)20-30°
User Interface4.3’’ touch screen

RINA™ Extraction Kits

1DNA isolation from blood
2DNA isolation from tissue
3DNA isolation from bacteria
4Viral nucleic acid isolation from serum & body fluids
5RNA isolation from blood
6RNA isolation from fungus
7RNA isolation from bacteria